Thursday, November 6, 2008

Six ways to use promotional advertising

Here are six way you can use promotional advertising. These ideas will increase your exposure to guard against the competition, increase sales and gain market share. During the current economic slowdown/recession is your competition cutting back? Maybe or Maybe not.

SALES CALLS: Support sales calls by leaving a promotional product with the buyer keeping your marketing message alive.

TRADE SHOWS: Use promotional products to encourage attendance at the booth prior to the show, at the show and in post show follow-ups.

BUSINESS ANNIVERSARY: Use this event to thank customers, employees, vendors and the community for their part in making this event and your success possible.

CUSTOMER RELATIONS: Now is the time of year to say "Thank You" with an appropriate gift. Make sure your customers are not among the 7 out of 10 lost because of indifference.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SALE: Let customers know their business is appreciated by sending a "Thank You" at the time of a purchase in the form of a letter or card with an appropriate promotional product. This is especially true with big ticket items.

REACTIVATE DORMANT ACCOUNTS: Revisit those firms who were once customers, find out what went wrong, ask for their business again and put a promotional product in from of them to keep the message alive. Their new source may not be performing to expectations.

Good Times, Slow Times, Recession Times... Every business can benefit from the most effective method of advertising - PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING - Especially when it is directed at customers and prospects. Plus it eliminates waste - So the environment benefits too.

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