Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top 10 Products to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day  Products

Earth Day Products

Here are the products featured on ASI’s first-ever list of top eco-friendly giveaways for Earth Day marketing campaigns throughout March and April. Earth Day is April 22.

Elephant Poo Jounral
1. Elephant-Poo Journal. The ultimate recycled item that is made from elephant poo. Great for colleges, trade shows or any businesses using notebooks. From Spector & Co
2. Bamboo Dinnerware. Stop using paper plates and plastic utensils. Great for office picnics, concert venues and fairs. Bamboo, a renewable resource, can grow as much as four feet in one day. From Aunt Beth’s Cookie Keepers
Bamboo Dinnerware
Seed Paper Postcard
3. Seed Paper Postcard. Plant the paper – all biodegradable – and flowers sprout in its place. Ideal for environment-themed mailings to prospects and clients, and also comes in other shapes. From Bloomin’ Promotions
4. Shower Timer. Tells you when your five minutes are up. Utilities, local municipalities and environmental groups can promote water conservation by offering this practical item. From All-In-One
Shower Timer
Recycled Tires Jar Opener
5. Recycled Tires Jar Opener. Made from rubber tires. Auto dealerships, mechanics and tire manufacturers can give these to customers for Earth Day or anytime year-round. From Americanna
6. Pine Tree Seedling. Live pine tree in a container. Employees can participate in a tree-planting day at the office campus, or community organizations can hand out to participants at an Arbor Day event. From Groline
Pine  Tree Seedling
Organic T-shirt
7. Organic T-shirt. The cotton is certified that it has been grown without the aide of pesticides or fertilizers. Give one to each Earth Day event organizer and volunteer. From Vantage Apparel
8. Compostable Pens. This pen completely breaks down in a landfill in 90 days (except the spring and refill). Hotels, banks and shops can use these and give them away to customers. From Shepenco
Compostable Pens
Nonwoven  Bag
9. Nonwoven Bag. Local grocery stores can eliminate plastic and paper, and exhibitors at trade shows can provide these to attendees to collect literature and samples. From Kool Pak,
10. Hemp-Blend Polo. This cotton and hemp organic shirt is naturally anti-bacterial and companies can use this shirt for summer uniforms. From High Performance
Hemp-Blend Polo