Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Month’s Worth Of Creative Dates For Innovative Marketing

January 2009
By Mae Fairfield

National Thank-You Month - “Thanks, thanks a lot”
This month is a great time for you to shower your employees, vendors and clients with two simple words, “thank you.” You can do so with a mid-January thank-you party. Let everyone know their work and business is appreciated with a thank-you gift that could vary from a mug filled with treats to crystal wine glasses and a custom-etched bottle of wine.

January 1: New Years Day - At the strike of midnight…
Happy New Year! No matter where your clients are in this global marketplace, you can help them usher in 2009 with promotional party poppers, New Year’s resolution journals, and light up accessories.

January 2-5: Someday We’ll Laugh About This Week - “ha, ha, ha…sigh”
So, a 13-year old boy chucks a baseball through a window at his house. Then, $250 later, his father reasons that “someday we’ll laugh about this.” Well why not just laugh about it now? Give employees logoed stress relievers and journals for jotting down life’s ups and downs in an effort to ease their everyday stresses.

January 4: Trivia Day - “The million dollar question is…”
How many witches were executed during the Salem Witch Trials? Today is the day for tough questions. Celebrate trivia day with promotional puzzles and games that really test the mind.

January 16: Hat Day - “What’s that on your head?”
Observe this day by letting your employees wear funky hats to work. Have a contest at the end of the day when everyone votes for the best hat. Prizes can include company headwear.

January 20: Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day - “How many pushups am I supposed to do?”
Say goodbye to all of those diets that don’t work. Rather, encourage your employees to lose weight the healthy way – through diet and exercise. Start a work program and give all participants personal pedometers, food journals and eating healthy guide books.

January 28: Fun at Work Day - “That’s the working spirit”
Commemorate this day by creating a fun activity for the office to do. How about a trip to the zoo? Perhaps an afternoon matinee is in the works. Team T-shirts or photo albums to house those pictures they took are perfect items to give out.

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