Thursday, November 6, 2008

Major league tie-in

Majoring with MLB, A Wise Move

New York Mets and Boston Red Sox fans were treated to more than just a riveting run at the Major League Baseball World Series title. They were also given the chance take batting practice at Shea Stadium and Fenway Park, respectively, and win baseball-themed prizes thanks to Wise Potato Chips.

The East Coast potato chip brand deployed “The Snack Squad” to two of its top markets from June 24 to July 13 to hand out 25,000 Wise-branded “Snack and Score” game pieces. Wise, which is the official potato chip and Cheez Doodle of the two teams, hit surrounding neighborhoods to promote its popular snack brand.

“Wise is a great street brand, and our business is primarily done in delis and bodegas,” says Amy Erlich, account director at Source Communications which handled the promotion. “It is important to take it to the streets and have fun at the same time.”

Game piece recipients had the chance to win an HP computer, go to an away game compliments of Amtrak, win game tickets as well as logoed shirts and mouse pads. The promotional products “raise brand awareness,” Erlich says. “The shirts looked like rock concert T-shirts. The image on the front was of David Ortiz and Jose Reyes. They’re cool shirts.”

Wise has given away the game pieces for three years. This year was the debut of The Snack Squad. Radio ads as well as subway and platform signs supported the promotion. Wise also has signage in both stadiums.

“The association with Reyes, Ortiz and Wise is impactful,” Erlich says.

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