Friday, October 26, 2007

Holiday Cards That Bloom

Each year we send out holiday greetings and wishes for a happy New Year to our family, friends, customers, etc. (Well at least we have the intention to.) It's a lovely tradition. Who doesn't like to see the holiday pictures of their nephews? Or read about Aunt Tina's summer adventure in Africa? We proudly display our cherished greetings around the house or office. Some even have a special card tree or wreath.

My question is, how does this effect the environment? An estimated 2 billion cards are sent each year. That's a lot of trees! How many of those cards are made from post-consumer recycled paper? And after the New Year when cleaning up all the decorations, where do those cards go? I doubt many make into the recycling bin.

I found a company that has a solution to the environmental impact all of our good wishes are causing. The Symphony Line offers Environmental gifts, cards, mailers and boxes that are handmade from recycled paper and embedded with seeds. After the card is received it can be planted to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs and trees.

This holiday season send your clients, family and friends your Winter greetings on a card that they can start an herb garden with. You can even send them an ornament that will grow into a tree or wrap your holiday gifts in boxes that bloom into flowers. They will remember your thoughtfulness for months or years to come as the gift continues to grow.

Click here to view the Symphony Line