Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Power of a Pen

I recently received a case study from a supplier that I wanted to share. I think this speaks volumes to the power promotional products have.

The following simple stories illustrate the usefulness of promotional products that goes way beyond the statistics. People DO remember what they have been given.

This case study is written by a co-worker of the subject, Alvin Badiner.

Anyone in the upper Midwest either knows or has heard of Al Badiner. Al has been a "peddler" of promotional products for 50 of his 80 plus years. In his early 80's he still maintains being in the top 10 of his company's sales force. Why? Because he believes in what he sells. He promotes the industry by promoting himself.

Anyone who meets Al is immediately given a pen with his famous To a friend of Al Badiner imprint. The longer you know Al, the more and varied items you'll receive with this imprint.

  • Years ago while trying to obtain a car loan I was at a bank and being asked a series of questions. When it came to employment, they asked where I worked. When I said Spartan Group, the loan officer stopped, thought for a moment , and then lifted up his To a friend of Al Badiner pen and said, "Do you know Al?" After that, my loan process somehow became smoother and much more relaxed.
  • Al's family was at a hotel and one son received a room less than adequate. After trying to change rooms and the hotel being "full" the clerk was jotting down some notes and asked his name. Once the Badiner name was established, the clerk looked up and said "Oh, are you related to him?" while proudly showing his recent gift, a To a friend of Al Badiner pen. Suddenly a room became available, with a view no less.
  • At a local store after the holiday I was trying to return an item I was given as a gift. The clerk asked if I had the receipt, as they would only accept the return with an original receipt or gift receipt. I apologized that I had "no receipt" and I understood policy. She looked up studied me for a minute and said "Didn't you give me this pen?" Sure enough, it turned out I had been in the store months before, and when she couldn't locate a pen - I pulled a To a friend of Al Badiner pen from my purse and let her keep it. She proceeded to take the return. Without a receipt. You can imagine how grateful I was.
  • Just recently at a beloved customer's funeral, I was talking with a woman who said she was a granddaughter of the deceased. I introduced myself and then Alvin. She was beside herself "Oh , you're Al Badiner! I have your pen in my purse. I've used one all my life. My friends want to meet you - they all have your pens as well. I feel like I have known you forever!"
  • A few years ago, one of our customers-a large national insurance company put on a a vendor appreciation luncheon. Al had attended this for many years. They had collected To a friend of Al Badiner items. As a gift for the 50 or so people being honored as top vendors were a couple of different To a friend of Al Badiner items at each place setting to share and to promote the vendor they knew and loved.

You never know when and how a promotional product will have an impact and be remembered. Think of all the people who believe they are a "friend of Al Badiner," And indeed it turns out to be true.

The industry studies show that over 76% of recipients of a promotional product recall the advertiser's name on the product they received. In addition, over 75% said they actually kept the promotional product - because it was useful!

This study was provided by Sweda USA.