Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steal These 5 Tips from Political Promos

If there’s one thing good politicians know how to do, it is getting the word out. Their campaign will often succeed or fail based upon just how good they are at raising awareness. Beyond kissing babies, there is much marketers can learn from these master marketers. Here are five tips:

1.Don’t say too much. The letter ‘W’ will never be viewed the same. George W. Bush (who is thought by some Democrats to have a questionable grasp on the alphabet), successfully hijacked the 23rd letter of the alphabet as his symbol and his logo. This made it easier to create impactful stickers and pins.

2.Recycle. Marketers spend a lot of money to create postcards, posters and signs. As any good cash-strapped campaign manager will tell you: if they get tossed out recycle. Have staffers pluck the materials out of the garbage or off the floor and use them again. If anyone objects, just say you are being environmentally friendly.

3.Know your target. College kids like beer. We know this. That’s why some politicians have hit young Republicans’ clubs with logoed cans, koozies and golf towels. It’s easy to try and find a one-size-fits-all product, however more targeted items are likely to leave a lasting impression.

4.Don’t be afraid to use an unusual promotional item. Pens, pencils and pins are the staples of politicking much like hats and T-shirts often find their way into consumer promotions. Still, the most effective items can be the ones no one else is using. Just ask Senator Kent Cravens who used “little round fuzzy guys with the sticky pad feet.”

5.Have a sense of humor. Bald politicians have poked fun at themselves by handing out combs. And, rival parties have handed out brooms pledging to clean up their competition’s mess. These are just two examples of ways politicians have looked to pull themselves out of the cluttered advertising space with items that are more creative and funny. People like politicians and brands who have a sense of humor.

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