Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Promos That Rock The Vote

By Jen Zorger

Promotional products are essential for winning elections. Here are some best practices you can use to be victorious in your own marketing efforts.

Kent Cravens was advised never to use gimmicky items when running for election. But, like most good politicians, he learned that sometimes you need to throw what advisers say out the window. Cravens, who has been a New Mexico state senator for eight years, did just that when he ordered 5,000 of “little round fuzzy guys with sticky pad feet.” “Everyone I came into contact with ended up with one in their pocket or I’d peel it off and put it on their name tags,” says Cravens. “Or it would end up on their dashboard. I got a lot mileage out of it. I’m a believer now in things that have shelf life.”

Winning public favor is a tricky business. Just what formula of mass media, promotional products and luck is needed to win has never been decided for certain even by so-called political “scientists.” However, what we do know is promotional products are as an important part of the mix as a good speech writer, campaign contributions and confident smile.

The same can be said for winning over customers. Just what makes them buy your product, sign up for your service or preach about your brand is often an equally mystifying equation.


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