Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Creative Consumer Promo – Svedka Sees a Future in Ad Specialties

So what will be the best-selling vodka of 2033? Svedka, of course. The high-end vodka has fashioned a critically acclaimed ad campaign around a sarcastic sci-fi campaign that looks into the future and sees its vodka as “the choice of the stem cell baby boomer of 2033” and going “great with a $450 pack of cigarettes.”

When it comes to its promotions, Svedka also looks forward rather than copy the boring giveaways of the past. For example, realizing that we’ve all had one too many chocolates on our pillows, Svedka created limited-edition “Turn up kits” last fall. They debuted at the Soho and Tribeca Grand Hotels in New York and then rolled out to other trendy hotels.

The kits were custom designed by avant-garde fashion icon Jeremy Scott and included two Svedka mini-bottles of vodka, a swizzle stick and three mood elixirs – Bionic Boost, Love Potion #2033 and Artificial Intelligence – in glass vials.

In April, the brand continued to innovate by launching their eco-friendly T-shirt collection at Fred Segal Fun in Santa Monica, CA. The shirts were imprinted with “Make cocktails, not war” and “Help end global warming – add more ice.” Guests sipped “Cosmopoliticians” at a special kick off event. Shirts, created by e.vil, were distributed to models and made available for sale shortly after, with proceeds going to “Heal the Bay.” The non-profit environmental organization is dedicated to cleaning up Southern California’s coastal waters and watersheds.

“In our quest to continually innovate, any logoed items have to be one of a kind,” says Marina Hahn, chief marketing officer of Svedka. “When we developed a relationship with e.vil and created this limited edition collection of fabulous headlined tees, we knew we had a winner.”

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