Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Underwear Maker Awards Wannabe Designers

Throwing a "Sextravaganza" for college co-eds sounds like something straight out of the movie Animal House rather than from a marketing playbook. Yet, this is precisely what Intimo Inc., a leading manufacturer of underwear and sleepwear, did for students at New York University on March 4.

The strategy behind the promotion was to try to encourage safe sex among NYU students in a fun way. That's why the company developed a contest called "Design Your Own Underwear" as an annual event.

Students were invited to submit safe-sex underwear designs to for review. The designs were judged on who had the most creative designs while still incorporating the message of safe sex. The winner, Deirdre Jenigan, received a check for $250, as well as a year's supply of underwear from Intimo.

Her design showed illustrations of a bee and a safe. "The bee safe logoed underwear was a great item to give away for Intimo," says Jenny Marie Miranda, public relations director for the firm. "Intimo is always trying to look for ways to engage a younger audience. We thought by throwing this ‘Design Your Own Underwear' contest, it would help connect with our younger audience, as well as spread the important message of always practicing safe sex."

Fifty attendees at the event that announced the winner received a free pair of the winning underwear. This included Intimo's iBoxers, which feature a small pocket so the wearer can fit an iPod or MP3 player.

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