Monday, March 21, 2011

Special of the Week - March 21st

The tragic situation in Japan with so many victims and grieving families is almost too much to comprehend. Our prayers go out to all hurt by this natural disaster.

The disruption to Japan's high-tech sector has dramatically affected the prices of all flash drives. Many are changing several times a day. K&B has secured up to 20,000 2GB components which are being held for our exclusive sales for the next three weeks at discounted and stable prices. Our prices are 14% to 17% off the best prices being quoted currently. Top tier 1 memory chips.

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Big Sky EKB28


Big Sky EKB29


Big Sky EKB30


Big Sky EKB32


250 min. 500 1,000 2,500 5,000-up

$9.97 $9.59 $9.25 $8.89 $8.59 (4c)

See images for styles and item numbers. Price includes hinged magnetic closure plastic case, setup charge, proof, PMS colors with up to 4 spot colors. 10 day production after proof approval. FOB AL.
Big Sky Trading Company

START DATE: 3/21/11
END DATE: 4/8/11 or until supply lasts

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