Sunday, July 19, 2009

What would you do?

In my reading and research on being a more responsible promotional marketing consultant, I came across this analogy. The writer was likening the way we buy promotional products to the morning ritual of getting our caffeine fix.

Each morning on your way to work you stop by the same quick-stop joint to get your cup of joe. It's something you've done for years. It's convenient, it's always just right, the way you like it. But what if you found out that somewhere between the fields of coffee beans and that first steaming sip that touches your lips in the morning, people were suffering and, even worse, dying - Would that be enough to make you switch coffee shops? Would you be willing to pay a bit more? Would it be enough for you to take a left at the corner instead of a right and change your ways?

As salespeople and business owners, there are bottom line choices that have to be made in order to keep the profit and loss in check. But in today's world, there are new options available. And today, that cup of coffee you were looking for doesn't have to hurt anyone in order to provide us all our creature comforts. Now, there is a shop just another mile down the road that offers Fair Trade coffee, which ensures fair wages and a safe work environment for all involved in the supply chain. As for that fashion-forward tee you are looking for, or the hard goods you need in a hurry, there are ethically conscious companies out there with great products - so no more excuses. Just let your promotional marketing consultant know that these things are important to you.

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