Sunday, May 24, 2009

Digital Download with a New Spin

I'm a big fan of the Digital Download card. A promotion that not only gets my message into my prospects hand at an event, but even after, and that is interactive - gets my vote!

If you're not familiar with a digital download card, let me give you a brief summary. Usually it's a plastic "business card" with your message/information on one side and instructions on how to redeem the download on the back. The download could be for anything from a few songs, photo prints, movie tickets, phone time, etc., you decide. So for your prospect to redeem the card, they go to your website, follow a link, fill out their information or even a survey and then get their song, etc.

Now here is where this gets really cool. CFS Promotions has now an Instant Win Mystery Promotion to their cards. Say you get 1000 cards with one song on them. 990 of those cards will have a code for the song download, 6 will have a code for a $20 Starbucks card, and 4 will have a code for a new iPod. Think about it, you give the card to a visitor at your trade show booth and tell them it could be worth an iPod. Do you think they'll take the time to visit your site? My bet is YES!

For more information vist my website or CFS Promotions.

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