Thursday, February 5, 2009

Treeless Paper... Really?

Here's a new environmentally sound product I recently became aware of.

Green Smart™ Treeless Paper is the best eco-friendly material that not only provides a great product, but also reduces the consumption of two of our greatest resources: trees and water. This factory spent 10 years developing the process to make Treeless Paper. If you are interested in really going GREEN then you need to check out GREEN SMART™ Treeless Paper.

A revolutionary innovation, Green Smart™ Treeless Paper is the newest and most Eco-Friendly material to-date; composed of 80% calcium Carbonate (the main element of stone) and 15% natural resin. The result of this technology, during the production of Green Smart™ Treeless Paper, no wood pulp, no water, no acid, no alkali, no bleach is used; saving tons of wood and water, helping prevent water pollution and ozonosphere. In addition, saving energy because less electricity is used to produce Green Smart™ Treeless Paper than traditional wood-pulp paper. Furthermore, Treeless Paper is waterproof and oil proof and under natural environmental conditions, it will biodegrade in less than one year and is recyclable.

Green Smart™ Treeless paper is environmentally safe. It uses no natrium (Latin for sodium), Hg, Lead or cadmium. It provides an excellent printing surface that beautifully accepts 100% eco-friendly inks, including inks made from soybeans. And it meets FDA requirements. Green Smart™ Treeless Paper is available in a variety of thicknesses and can be used just like paper and cardboard. It is available in press sheets and rolls. Treeless Paper can therefore, be used -- just like paper and cardboard -- to produce a variety of products, like shopping bags or even stickynotes.

What's your next project that involves the use of traditional paper? Maybe it's time to consider Green Smart™ Treeless paper.


REDISTUO said...

I think this sounds like a great product, however do you know where to get it? Is it called treeless paper and made by green smart...?

Kimberly Villa, Owner of Tall Girl Promotions said...

It is called Treeless paper and it is made by GreenSmart. If I knew more about how you wanted to use it, I could direct you to a source for buying it. For instance, if you want to purchase bags my company, Tall Girl Promotions, would be a source to buy from.