Monday, December 31, 2007

Want to Pick the Right Premium? Here is an 18-Point Checklist:

1. Define your advertising premium.
2. Consider how you will select your giveaway item.
3. Plan who should receive them.
4. Decide what promotional message/slogan you want to convey.
5. Decide how your premium item should tie-in to your marketing theme.
6. Plan how your premium item will compliment your exhibiting goals.
7. Allocate a realistic budget to achieve your objectives.
8. Consider having your giveaway be original and relate to your business.
9. Make sure that it is appealing and appropriate for your target audience.
10. Make it a useful item if you want people to keep and use it.
11. Consider what benefits your visitors get from this gift.
12. Gauge the item’s appeal by asking if you would like to receive it and what you would do with it.
13. Make sure that the item projects the company image you want your target audience to receive.
14. Make a plan for distributing your item.
15. Decide who will receive the item – every visitor or only a select group.
16. Decide what visitors need to do qualify to receive a gift item.
17. Plan how you will inform your target audience about your giveaway item.
18. Organize a system to measure the effectiveness of your premium.

Source: Sarah Friedmann, The Trade Show Coach

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