Thursday, October 11, 2007

Does a Business Card Have to be a Business Card?

I was reading an article called "How'd they do that?" (similar concept to the TV show "Made in America"), on the making of chocolate business cards and it got me thinking, Does a business card have to be a business card?

Chocolate business cards receive a bigger "WOW" from the recipient than a traditional card stock card, but probably not the most practical method of giving your contact information. I am guessing many chocolate cards are consumed prior to being entered into a CRM program or database. But still, what a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

I started looking at other "non-traditional business cards". Some of the ideas were not all that unique. We've all seen business card magnets, tip calculators, letter openers and calendars. But then there were some interesting products that got the gears turning.
  • Lenticular cards - great for contrasting old, boring, plain with new, exciting, vibrant.
  • Emery board cards - If you are a salon, spa or just cater toward women, this is a great way to stay in front of your target audience. (At least whenever she chips a nail.)
  • Plantable Cards - These are business cards that are made from recycled paper with seeds embedded in them. When you plant and water them, they grow into a flower. What a great way to show you are committed to the environment.
  • Mints in Business Card size case - These would be especially appreciated at networking events.
  • Pre-Paid Cards - This is by far my favorite! Pre-Paid cards can be used for music or ring tone downloads, movie tickets, phone time or photo prints. The great thing about these cards is that for the recipient to receive their gift they have to go to a website branded with your company and information. You can have them fill out a brief survey, or view a product prior to completing the transaction. Wouldn't it be great if after a trade show, your booth visitors not only had your product reinforced in their mind, but did the work of entering their information into your database? To learn more about pre-paid cards, click here.
These were just a few of the products I found. There were so many more, I cant list them all. I'd love to hear what the most unique business card you've received or used was.

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