Friday, September 7, 2007

The Industry is Going Green

The September edition of Advantages magazine, a trade publication for the promotional products industry, is all about how the industry is following the trend of going "GREEN".

Many suppliers are adding quality organic and recycled products to their lines. They are implementing eco-friendly printing processes such as digital printing that uses water-based inks and recycling the cartridges they come in. I'm very grateful that the suppliers in my industry are stepping up to the plate and doing their part to help our environment.

Now it's up to me and you to take advantage of this opportunity.

I promise to do the research. I will continue to learn about organic products and their contribution to the environment. I will learn which suppliers are truly committed to being environmental responsible. I will offer eco-friendly products to my customers as an alternative to the conventional products that may be damaging to the environment.

But it's really up to you to make the difference. Next time you need a product to carry your message to your target audience, choose to go "GREEN". Use a biodegradable pen made from plant fibers, not oil; a journal made from recycled materials.; a t-shirt made from organically grown cotton; a tote made from bamboo or straw.

Our combined efforts to be environmentally conscious and to do the right thing will pay off for years to come. As the demand for eco-friendly products rises more suppliers in this industry and others will take on an environmentally responsible policy.

Let's prove Kermit the Frog wrong! It is easy being GREEN!

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